Baseball Tournament Shirt Design Template in Easy to Edit Vector Format

Baseball Shirt Design T1001

Our easy to modify templates help you to create an amazing custom Baseball Shirt Design in minutes!

Actual file downloads as Adobe Illustrator CS2 eps and looks like this.

Baseball Tournament Shirt Design TemplateCustomize the colors, and text specifically for your event! Get it now!

Frequently asks questions:

Q. Which program should I use and do I need to be an expert in it?

A. Our baseball tournament shirt templates are designed for Adobe Illustrator CS2 and later. You don’t need to be an expert at all. However, a basic understanding of grouping, color palates, and font manipulation will be necessary to effectively edit and modify these templates. A high school student with about 1 semester of training  in Adobe Illustrator should be able to do everything necessary to create an amazing baseball tournament shirt using our templates.

Q. I’m not a designer but I want to use this design on my shirts. What should I do?

A. Almost any print shop capable of printing this baseball tournament shirt design will also have an art staff that can modify this template for you. A typical print shop will charge anywhere from $20-$40 per hour for design work. A baseball design like this will take a good designer at least 3 hours to create from scratch. By using this template the same artist should be able to modify this design in 20-30 minutes.

Q. Why don’t you include the fonts in the download?

A. The fonts in these templates are simply recommendations. There are hundreds of fonts that will work just as well or better than the ones I have suggested. I don’t include the fonts because I didn’t create them. I do however, include links and the information you need to find and in some cases buy the fonts. Many of the recommended fonts are free. Please check the licensing terms to make sure you are not infringing and remember to donate to these font creators.

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More about this  Baseball Tournament Shirt Design Template: baseball t-shirt design templates are perfect for designers and print shops who are looking to create high quality, amazing baseball shirt designs. These design templates are easy to edit and modify and will save you hours of design time. Instead of creating these baseball tournament shirt designs from scratch our templates are created to be quickly edited and modified. Change the colors and the text and have an amazing custom design in minutes. Our baseball tournament vector t-shirt design templates come with everything you will need to make an amazing baseball shirt design in very little time.  All design templates download in vector .eps formats and include all clipart and design elements. Fonts are not provided but the information about the fonts is made available.

Remember better artwork means more sales! Our baseball t shirt design templates will make your next baseball tournament shirt a best seller.

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